BW43 Street Wooden Waste Bin

Item No.: BW43
Model : BW43
Size : 1020*390*940mm
Material : wood
Finishing : Zinc rich primer+ outdoor powder coating (Dupont)
Powder brand : DuPont/Akzo Nobel

The type of outdoor chair is very much, among them chair foot is one of the characteristics in different kind, chair foot part can be divided into steel foot, cast iron foot, cast aluminum foot and so on

Steel foot, by steel plate or steel pipe welded bending, this kind of chair foot has a very high plastic, varied style, simple and modern modeling, steel structure surface after pickling phosphating spray, appearance quality and anticorrosion and rust ability to improve.

Steel trash can structure:

Steel trash can is a container for storing garbage, which is made of cold-rolled steel plate or galvanized steel plate. Because the surface of the product is sprayed and acid treated, the corrosion resistance is higher. The acid treatment + spray treatment is more conducive to prevention Rust, increase the service life. This is a powerful advantage of steel dustbins.
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