Material description of outdoor bench

Item No.: FW55
Specifications: 1400*420*400mm
Main material: imported pineapple lattice wood, thickness: 30mm;
Bracket: 201 or 304 stainless steel, thickness: 1.2-1.5mm
Surface treatment: stainless steel wire drawing
Advantages: simple, beautiful and durable, the pa
Outdoor chair material description

A good outdoor bench provides a comfortable place to sit and enhances the appearance of the area in which it sits. It can be easily installed in front of comfortable porches, patios, public parks or commercial buildings. You can also choose from several different materials when building an outdoor bench. To help you decide what's right for your project, and to inform your current situation, we've provided this guide for choosing the right outdoor bench material.


Wood is beautiful because of its natural color and grain patterns. However, with that comes a greater need for maintenance. You should usually seal wooden benches with varnish or special paint to protect them from bad weather. Because there are so many types of trees, you have many options for wood materials. Try to choose a more durable wood so the bench will last a long time. Pine, cedar, and teak are examples of durable woods.


Metal is probably the smoothest of outdoor bench materials. Aluminum and iron are the most commonly used metal types, and both can be formed into beautiful decorative shapes. Of course, you can make a plain metal bench made of more straight lines if you want. The metal used for the bench is also waterproof, so you only need minimal maintenance.