5 cubic sanitation hook arm box manufacturers

Item No.: GBX17
1. The material of the hook arm box is made of Q235 carbon steel plate of WISCO, and stainless steel is optional;
2. The thickness of the hook arm box: 3 square garbage cans with 2 bottoms and 3, 4-7 square garbage cans with 3 sides and 3 bottoms, and 8-square garbage cans with 3 sides and 4 bottoms;
3. Anti-rust and anti-corrosion of the hook arm box: the internal anti-rust paint can be treated with epoxy resin anti-corrosion or electrophoresis;
4. Hook box box body roller: the bottom roller of the box body is cast at one time;
5. Box shape of hook arm box: trapezoid box, arc box and square box can be;
Standard: sealed box, channel steel reinforcement, with cast iron rollers, top double opening struts.
6. The product supports various forms of customization, and the specific specifications and parameters are subject to the actual communication and mass production.