3 cubic stainless steel hook arm garbage bin factory direct sales

Item No.: GBX25
规格 : 3000*1750*1100mm
箱体总成  由钩环总成、底架总成、箱体总成、投料门总成、后门总成、后门锁紧总成组成。
表面处理 : 钢材表面拉丝处理
Features of hook arm garbage bin: The garbage bin can not only be used to clean the streets and markets in the city, but also can provide a guarantee for the greening of the city. There are 2.5 cubic meters, 3 cubic meters, and 7.5 cubic meters of hook-type garbage cans; there are generally several factors that affect the price of garbage cans: different models, different materials, how much volume, and so on. Removable garbage box for carriage, parameters: 1x1.2x1.4m/1x1.2x1m, thickness: three sides and four bottoms, plate model: 201/304.

3-square stainless steel hook arm garbage truck garbage bin is also known as: compartment detachable garbage truck garbage can, removable garbage can, pull-arm garbage truck garbage can supporting garbage can, domestic garbage collection box, it is currently the most popular in the domestic market. Welcome garbage collection transfer tool. The transport medium is: domestic waste or construction waste, mainly using the engine that comes with the hook arm garbage truck chassis as power, through the power take-off installed on the gearbox, and the oil pump is installed at the power take-off, and the hydraulic mechanism is manually or electronically controlled. Realize the functions of hooking, unloading and self-unloading of the box. The box body of the vehicle adopts a high-quality carbon steel plate fully sealed and welded structure, which has the advantages of light weight and no secondary pollution.

Hook-arm garbage can manufacturers sell 3-18 square hook-arm garbage cans. The shape of the box can be made according to user requirements. The color of the box can be  according to customer needs. The company name logo can be sprayed according to customer needs. Model, determine the size, 5 square hook arm garbage box dimensions: 2500*1500*1500, the box is made of high-quality carbon steel produced by WISCO, optional stainless steel thickness side plate 2mm, bottom plate 3mm, side 4 bottom 5, side 5 bottom 6, etc. , Optional anti-corrosion external primer + topcoat, internal anti-rust paint, epoxy resin or electrophoresis process can be done. Standard Sealed box, channel reinforced, with cast iron rollers, double top opening, with struts.